“If thoughts corrupt language, language can also corrupt thought” - George Orwell

An audience of prospective customers gather in a screening room to watch a film promoting Xanadu, a ‘revolutionary concept in clear-conscience living’.

The film describes the origins of the Xanadu concept. Some years ago, beings from another planet colonised Earth and enslaved the human race. At first the native humans were seen as a vulgar and insignificant form of life, but over time a more sympathetic attitude has evolved.

Xanadu is a residential community promising good health, companionship and peace of mind to all of its residents. Uniquely, it is staffed entirely by humans, who benefit from the most ethical employment practices imaginable; luxury can now be acquired guilt-free.

The promotional film outlines just some of the ways in which the Xanadu model enriches the lives of inhabitants. An on-site dairy provides milk from happy human mothers. Attractive humans are treated with great respect as they are hired to fulfil the residents’ social and sexual needs. And when a human grows too old to work their compulsory euthanisation is handled with the greatest care.

Welcome to Xanadu.

Voice Over Artist - Amanda Wilkin

Amanda is an actor and playwright. Her play Shedding a Skin won the Verity Bargate Award in 2020. She performed in the play in June 2021 at Soho Theatre.

As an actor, Amanda’s theatre credits include; SHEDDING A SKIN (Soho Theatre); EMILIA (Shakespeare’s Globe & West End); WHITE TEETH (Kiln Theatre); GRINNING MAN (Trafalgar Studios); THE 306:DAY (National Theatre Scotland); LA RONDE (The Bunker Theatre); PILGRIMS (Theatre Clwyd/HighTide Festival/The Yard Theatre); A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, HAMLET, GABRIEL, THE TEMPEST (Shakespeare’s Globe); HOPELESSLY DEVOTED (Paines Plough & Birmingham REP); ARABIAN NIGHTS (Watermill Theatre); THE BACCHAE, BLOOD WEDDING (Royal and Derngate); MARAT/SADE, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (RSC); STAMPING, SHOUTING AND SINGING HOME (Nuffield Theatre) and THE TWITS (Dukes Theatre).


Film includes; MAMMA MIA: HERE WE GO AGAIN! (Obscure Pictures).

Amanda trained at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama.

Xanadu Presenter - Sherrett Dahlstrom

Growing up in Belize, Sherrett’s early fascination with her country’s complex rainforest flora and fauna led to a passionate lifelong interest in ecology and a desire to protect the natural world so future generations of children could enjoy the planet’s wonders.

Whilst studying agriculture at university, she was asked to partake in the Miss Belize pageant and selected to represent her country in Miss World. After graduating, she was able to support her further study of global ecological systems through a successful career in modelling in both the US and Europe.

Sherrett has been a leading activist in her country’s fight for climate justice and a prominent figure in multiple NGO’s which support the protection of the environment and child welfare. More recently, she was instrumental in establishing Belize’s main orphanage.

In her work for NGO’s, Sherrett has worked with internationally-celebrated artists from a range of disciplines on projects which support environmental advancement. Sherrett is delighted to step in front of the camera, this time as an actress, in a film which satirises the more superficial attitudes towards earth and its inhabitants.


The discomfort we might otherwise experience over the ecological impact of travel is minimised by the aviation industry’s ‘carbon footprint’ tax which, apparently by magic, entirely offsets the damage our travel causes (the term itself was invented by Oglivy & Mather). The smiling faces we encounter at ‘eco-resorts’ create the impression of entirely mutual and equal interests with those serving us. The pervasiveness of the word ‘organic’ allows us to overlook the brutalisation of animals for food or clothing.

‘Xanadu’ came about through a conversation with writer Phil Porter over the ways in which quasi-Utopian words are employed by modern advertising to ease consumer conscience and facilitate turning a blind eye to the experience of the exploited. Inspired both by Jonathan Swift’s devastating satire ‘A Modern Proposal’ and the World Economic Forum’s terrifying corporate film ‘You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy’, we wanted to create a satire using precisely the same linguistic sleights of hand in which the roles of consumer/exploited are reversed.



Xanadu Presenter

Sherrett Dahlstrom

Voice Over Artist

Amanda Wilkin

Directed by

Marina Waltz

Written by

Phil Porter


Marc Teitler

Executive producer

Lee Magiday

Animated by

Hoopee Puput

Production Manager

Alisa Tritenko

Art Director and Credit Designer

Valentina Lecuona

Director of Photography

Yana Rits

Production Designer and Storyboard Artist

Jason Southgate

Sound Design

Gunnar Óskarsson

Sound Editor

Christopher Wilson

Costume Designer

Ciéranne Kennedy Bell

1st Assistant Director

Paisley Walsh

Production Assistant

Bogdan Barseti


Marc Teitler

Additional Music Production

Danny Saul

Soundtrack Recorded at

Silver Shark Studios & Area 18 Studios

Soundtrack mixed by

Richard Bignell

Recording Engineers

Grant Strang & Richard Bignell

Sound Mix

Ines Adriana

Digital Colourist

Thomas Kumeling

Production Manager

Alisa Tritenko

1st AD

Valentine Walsh


Miha Lungu

2nd AC/DIT

Bradley Shemmell

VFX Supervisor

Harry Lindley

Make Up & Hair Designer

Charlotte Trendell

Sound Operator

Nick Soundis

BTS Photographer

Sergey Valmon

Runner/Camera Trainee

Nicolas di Matteo


Audience Members

Nicola Chambers
Teresa Nair de Oliveira
Marc Salas Perez
Ciéranne Kennedy Bell
Phil Porter
Vincenzo Marranghino
Valentina Lecuona
Marc Teitler
Alisa Tritenko
Harry Lindley
Paisley Valentine
Sergey Valmon
Bogdan Barseti
Nicolas Vassel

Live action shot at Studio Wayne McGregor

© Honeyfly Films

Running time – 08:37
Genre – Animation
Completion Date – January 30th, 2022
Countries of Production – United Kingdom & Spain
Shooting Format – RED
Aspect Ratio – 16:9
Film Colour – Colour